Riley Parra: The End

In February of 2009, I started writing a story based on several different inspirations that somehow turned into an urban noir thriller detective story in which a hard-edged police detective teams up with an earthbound guardian angel to defend a city against the forces of evil. In other words, four years ago I started a story I would never in a million years expected to write. I had such little faith in where it would go that I called each story "episodes", and I bundled them together in seasons so I could quit writing them when I got bored.

Four years, five seasons, and 725,000 words later, I am putting an end to the Riley series. Not because I was bored of it or I was finished, simply because I loved the characters so much that I felt as if I owed them an ending. It's a bittersweet ending, and I'm not saying everyone ends the story in one piece (have a hankie ready), but I finally gave them closure. It's sad for me, too, because I'm really going to miss writing these characters. The relationship between Riley and Gillian is one of the favorites I've ever created. Caitlin Priest is probably one of the characters I'm proudest of having created. And this world was epic, and so much fun to play with. Like Claire Lance before her, it's hard to say goodbye but I know I would feel worse if I just kept putting them through the wringer.

Without spoiling anything, there is a chance I could come back and pick up the story a year, or two years, or a decade into the future. The city would be vastly different, but it could be interesting to see where the story is after the Reign of Riley.

So settle in and get ready for the end. Season 5 is up at Smashwords right now (LINK), or you can wait until tomorrow to buy it through the Amazon link in my store (so I can get a little kickback from your purchase ;D). And once you've read it, good bad or indifferent, please leave a review! Reviews are of the good. And if anyone wants to leave a review for Season 3 on Amazon, it's lonely out there. But it's not really that important since Seasons 1, 2, and 4 all have glowing reviews. People can extrapolate that the third season is more of the same ;D)

I hope everyone enjoys the final chapter of Riley's story!
Riley Parra Light

Riley Parra Season Five

Season Four has been out for about a month and a half, so it's only right that I would celebrate that with an announcement for Season Five. As several of you have asked, I feel it's only right to officially declare that this will be the final Riley Parra season. I know, I know. I'm sad, too. But in terms of story and the characters, I feel the choice is either to end it at the end of Season Five or continue on and drive the story into the ground. I don't want to do that. I've been so mean to everyone in this series I want to give them all a nice, appropriate ending. So to that end, a list of story titles for the fifth and final season of Riley Parra (titles/order subject to change)

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Riley Parra Season Four, available NOW!

It's finally here! This year I took way too long getting everything together with the season, so I decided to forgo the subscription process (which would have spread out the release for a few months) and just skip ahead to the full ebook release. People have waited long enough (the last story of Season 3 was posted in December of last year, I think. Yeesh, what a bad author I am!) and I wanted the entire season to be available at once when it finally "premiered." This is like getting the DVD box set without seeing it on TV first. Hopefully that's a good thing instead of a bad thing.



The war is at a detente, but the battles rage on...

With the war on hold until Marchosias names a new champion, a group of acoyltes for the side of Good arrive in the city to bolster Riley's advantage through the power of prayer. But a lack of hostilities doesn't mean there's peace. A new demonic player soon begins making his name among the Five Families, making a power play that would consolidate every demon in the city under his command. Riley chooses the devil she knows over an unknown threat, but bringing down the new arrival may cost her more than she ever thought possible.

Faced with powerful and unexpected enemies, her loved ones threatened by danger both supernatural and mundane, Riley makes a monumental decision concerning her status as champion and discovers that peace just may be more destructive than all-out war.

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Riley Parra Season 3!

For those of you who missed getting a subscription, you now have a chance to catch up! The third season is available for your Kindle, and will be a paperback novel very soon (stay tuned for details on that! :D). For now, to be sure you're all ready for Season 4 (hopefully this summer), the latest season of Riley Parra in one handy place! Enjoy!

Riley Parra Season Three
Riley Parra has returned.

Following the unexpected sacrifice at the conclusion of the Angel Maker case, Riley struggles to get things back to normal. While trying to deal with the possible loss of her closest ally, Riley has to face the possible loss of her closest ally. Meanwhile, Gail Finney and her demonic guardian increase efforts to stop Riley and win the war. Soon Riley discovers a building that may hold the key to the war's end and realizes that winning the war may come with a cost she's not willing to pay."
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Riley Parra Season 3 ends December 31!

Season 3 of Riley Parra is almost done! It WILL be available in 2012 as an ebook/paperback, and subscribers will get a free copy of that ebook as soon as it's available. Also available only to subscribers: a very special Riley Christmas story that won't be included in the published version. It's just a fun little gift to the people who bought me groceries. ;-D It will get sent out sometime closer to Christmas. Subscriptions will be sold until December 31 to give people a chance to wait for that Christmas booty to roll in.

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Riley Season 3 - Subscriptions Ending Soon!

The third season of Riley Parra is now complete! All thirteen stories have been posted, and I want to thank everyone who bought a subscription. Subscriptions will stay open until December 31 for people who wanted to wait until the whole thing was up or people who want to wait until the Christmas money/loot starts rolling in before they make a purchase. As a thanks to everyone who has/will have bought a subscription, there will be a very special gift for Christmas - a bonus Riley Christmas story! Isn't it worth the price of a subscription for the thought of Priest and Riley getting caught under the mistletoe? (I'm not saying that will happen, but you never know! ;-D)

December is your last chance to get a subscription before the stories go back into the vault to await publication! And all subscribers WILL get a free copy of the official ebook.

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Riley Parra Season 3 premieres tomorrow!

TOMORROW, subscriptions for Riley Parra Season Three go on sale!

You have all waited patiently for the third season of Riley Parra to arrive, and now the wait is over! This time around, the season pass will be $14, and that gets you access to all thirteen episodes of the third volume of Riley stories. Stories are going to be posted on my website every Friday, with links to buy your season pass (or you can buy individual stories for $1.45) and access a page with each story in a variety of formats (Epub, Mobi, HTML, PDF or a zip file of all formats).

(Go to geonncannon.com and look under Pages or Categories, then scroll down to Riley Parra and click on Season Three. If you're just catching up with Riley and her adventures, check out the "Links" and "Buy Geonn's Novels" for ways to get the novels on ebook or in paperback form!)

The third season picks up shortly after the events of the Season 2 finale. Wrapping up the Angel Maker case has left Detective Riley Parra shaken in more ways than one. Riley lost her faith in her chief ally, who was forced to take drastic measures to get it back. Confronted with her own mortality, Riley also finds herself at a crossroads in her relationship with medical examiner Gillian Hunt. While struggling to deal with the changes in her life, Riley must still contend with the fact that she now knows the identity of evil's champion. Old friends, new angels and demons, and unsettling revelations about those closest to her lead Riley to an inevitable confrontation that could have consequences she never saw coming.

Check it out! Season 3 premieres with the story "Mere Mortals," which ties together the loose ends of last season with the threads of upcoming stories. Stay tuned for more stories with girl-on-girl action of the fighting variety, girl-on-girl action of the sexual variety (one story is decidedly ADULT with all caps), angel-on-angel violence, angel-on-angel sexual situations (oh, yes, I go there), mysteries, deals with various devils, standoffs, and much more!

Season 3 Premiere Date - September 9!

Ladies and gentlemen (mostly ladies, right? But there are a few gentlemen out there I'm sure), Riley Parra Season 3 now has an official premiere date! On Friday, September 9, the first Riley story of the third season will be put up. At that time, you can buy a season pass for access to ALL thirteen stories of the third season. New stories will be posted on Friday, with reminders at the Academy of Bards and, of course, here on the community.

For $14, you get access to all thirteen stories. For $1.45 each, you can buy individual stories (in case you just want to read the sexy sex one, or if you're only really worried about reading the resolution to the cliffhanger before you commit to getting the whole season). If you choose an individual story, buy it through Paypal and put "3.XX STORY TITLE" in the notes section.

Sep 09 - Mere Mortals
Sep 16 - A Very Sorry Saint
Sep 23 - Occam's Razor
Sep 30 - Friars and Eremites
Oct 07 - The Kings of No Man's Land
Oct 14 - Anthemusa
Oct 21 - The Old Familiar Sting
Oct 28 - Permanent Scars
Nov 04 - This Mortal Coil
Nov 11 - This Hell Bound Town
Nov 18 - Peculiar Graces
Nov 25 - Reign in Hell
Dec 02 - False Idyll