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Season 3 Premiere Date - September 9!

Ladies and gentlemen (mostly ladies, right? But there are a few gentlemen out there I'm sure), Riley Parra Season 3 now has an official premiere date! On Friday, September 9, the first Riley story of the third season will be put up. At that time, you can buy a season pass for access to ALL thirteen stories of the third season. New stories will be posted on Friday, with reminders at the Academy of Bards and, of course, here on the community.

For $14, you get access to all thirteen stories. For $1.45 each, you can buy individual stories (in case you just want to read the sexy sex one, or if you're only really worried about reading the resolution to the cliffhanger before you commit to getting the whole season). If you choose an individual story, buy it through Paypal and put "3.XX STORY TITLE" in the notes section.

Sep 09 - Mere Mortals
Sep 16 - A Very Sorry Saint
Sep 23 - Occam's Razor
Sep 30 - Friars and Eremites
Oct 07 - The Kings of No Man's Land
Oct 14 - Anthemusa
Oct 21 - The Old Familiar Sting
Oct 28 - Permanent Scars
Nov 04 - This Mortal Coil
Nov 11 - This Hell Bound Town
Nov 18 - Peculiar Graces
Nov 25 - Reign in Hell
Dec 02 - False Idyll
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