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Riley Parra Season 3 premieres tomorrow!

TOMORROW, subscriptions for Riley Parra Season Three go on sale!

You have all waited patiently for the third season of Riley Parra to arrive, and now the wait is over! This time around, the season pass will be $14, and that gets you access to all thirteen episodes of the third volume of Riley stories. Stories are going to be posted on my website every Friday, with links to buy your season pass (or you can buy individual stories for $1.45) and access a page with each story in a variety of formats (Epub, Mobi, HTML, PDF or a zip file of all formats).

(Go to and look under Pages or Categories, then scroll down to Riley Parra and click on Season Three. If you're just catching up with Riley and her adventures, check out the "Links" and "Buy Geonn's Novels" for ways to get the novels on ebook or in paperback form!)

The third season picks up shortly after the events of the Season 2 finale. Wrapping up the Angel Maker case has left Detective Riley Parra shaken in more ways than one. Riley lost her faith in her chief ally, who was forced to take drastic measures to get it back. Confronted with her own mortality, Riley also finds herself at a crossroads in her relationship with medical examiner Gillian Hunt. While struggling to deal with the changes in her life, Riley must still contend with the fact that she now knows the identity of evil's champion. Old friends, new angels and demons, and unsettling revelations about those closest to her lead Riley to an inevitable confrontation that could have consequences she never saw coming.

Check it out! Season 3 premieres with the story "Mere Mortals," which ties together the loose ends of last season with the threads of upcoming stories. Stay tuned for more stories with girl-on-girl action of the fighting variety, girl-on-girl action of the sexual variety (one story is decidedly ADULT with all caps), angel-on-angel violence, angel-on-angel sexual situations (oh, yes, I go there), mysteries, deals with various devils, standoffs, and much more!
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