Cannon (geonncannon) wrote in rileyparra,

Riley Parra Season 3!

For those of you who missed getting a subscription, you now have a chance to catch up! The third season is available for your Kindle, and will be a paperback novel very soon (stay tuned for details on that! :D). For now, to be sure you're all ready for Season 4 (hopefully this summer), the latest season of Riley Parra in one handy place! Enjoy!

Riley Parra Season Three
Riley Parra has returned.

Following the unexpected sacrifice at the conclusion of the Angel Maker case, Riley struggles to get things back to normal. While trying to deal with the possible loss of her closest ally, Riley has to face the possible loss of her closest ally. Meanwhile, Gail Finney and her demonic guardian increase efforts to stop Riley and win the war. Soon Riley discovers a building that may hold the key to the war's end and realizes that winning the war may come with a cost she's not willing to pay."
Tags: news, release, stories: season three
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