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Riley Parra Season Four, available NOW!

It's finally here! This year I took way too long getting everything together with the season, so I decided to forgo the subscription process (which would have spread out the release for a few months) and just skip ahead to the full ebook release. People have waited long enough (the last story of Season 3 was posted in December of last year, I think. Yeesh, what a bad author I am!) and I wanted the entire season to be available at once when it finally "premiered." This is like getting the DVD box set without seeing it on TV first. Hopefully that's a good thing instead of a bad thing.



The war is at a detente, but the battles rage on...

With the war on hold until Marchosias names a new champion, a group of acoyltes for the side of Good arrive in the city to bolster Riley's advantage through the power of prayer. But a lack of hostilities doesn't mean there's peace. A new demonic player soon begins making his name among the Five Families, making a power play that would consolidate every demon in the city under his command. Riley chooses the devil she knows over an unknown threat, but bringing down the new arrival may cost her more than she ever thought possible.

Faced with powerful and unexpected enemies, her loved ones threatened by danger both supernatural and mundane, Riley makes a monumental decision concerning her status as champion and discovers that peace just may be more destructive than all-out war.

4x01 The Problem With Saints
4x02 Ruin Upon Ruin
4x03 His Former Name
4x04 Stations of the Cross
4x05 The Fallen
4x06 Broken Hallelujah
4x07 Two Witnesses
4x08 Hatching Vain Empires
4x09 The Devil You Know
4x10 Hammers & Nails
4x11 The Good Girls
4x12 Hell Breaks Loose (double-length season finale)

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