"No Headlines," a Gillian Hunt story

Here's a standalone Riley Parra story set sometime during Season 2. No real spoilers. I just really wanted to write something Gillian-heavy, and the remaining Riley Season 3 story won't really give me the opportunity I want (not a spoiler, really, she's just not in a lot of scenes). So I decided to make a standalone as advertising for the ebooks! Enjoy!

And if anyone wants to know what Gillian looks like, she looks likemodel Sharon McNeil. Isn't she gorgeous?

Summary: An uneventful day in the life of Dr. Gillian Hunt. (4,375 words)

No Headlines
by Geonn
Copyright © 2011 Geonn Cannon
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Note: Both seasons of Riley Parra are now available for your Kindle on Amazon.com, or in a variety of formats from Smashwords. Be sure to check out the Livejournal community rileyparra.livejournal.com for more information, short stories, character bios, Season 3 news, and more!
Riley Parra Light

Riley Parra, Season Two!

Season Two of Riley Parra is now available as an ebook! There will be a paperback version in due time, but this will help people who weren't able to get the subscription back when it was first released catch up in time for Season 3. Check it out and, if you've already read, please review! I want shiny gold stars on the Amazon page (as many or as few as you deem worthy ;-D)!

Riley Parra is Back!

Following Riley's actions during her trial, the battle between Heaven and Hell has been reignited. Riley barely has time to recover before she's thrown into the middle of a serial killer investigation. Dubbed the Angel Maker, the killer strikes seemingly at random and uses his victim's blood to paint angel wings around the body. While Riley tries to track down the killer, she also has to try and identify her counterpart, the champion chosen to represent the side of evil.

In the course of her investigation, Riley is forced to confront everything she once believed, from her own sanity to secrets being kept by her closest friends. With the help of her seraphim partner, Caitlin Priest, and her human partner, Gillian Hunt, Riley rejoins the battle between angels and demons with only one goal: to keep herself and her friends alive.

Riley Parra S2 Cover
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If you don't have a Kindle, it's available NOW on Smashwords in a variety of formats, including sneak peeks! I'm sure one will be just right for you!

You may have noticed that Riley isn't being released by PD Publishing. It got snatched up by the brand-new company Supposed Crimes! Check out their other books while you're picking up Riley!

"The Following is a Reenactment"

This story is set between stories 3x01 and 3x02, but the only REAL spoiler is the reason Riley has to get to where she's going. If you don't know, you can just think of it as a Random Police Function and it'll be fine. It's technically not even spoilery for any of Season 2 except for the fact that Gillian returned home (and that was set up in 1x10). So if you've read any of Riley Parra, you can probably read this without spoiling.

Although... hm. There's one character you might be confused about unless you read "Angels Would Fall" and "The Martyr." But ~waves hand~ no worries. ;-D


Summary: Riley has to get ready for an event and is reminded of a similar event four years earlier. (3,609 words)

The Following is a Reenactment
by Geonn
Copyright © 2011 Geonn Cannon
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Riley Character Name Auction!


Okay, folks, here we go! This is an auction to name a character in the upcoming Season 3 of Riley Parra, with the proceeds going toward Sanctuary for Kids. Here's how it'll work.

1) The first person to bid will reply to the "BID HERE!" comment on this page. Subsequent bids are placed as comments to that first bid. For the sake of the donation, each bid must be $5 higher than the bid before it.
2) Click the "Track This" button either on the main post, the BID HERE comment, or on your own comment so you'll be notified when another bid is made.
3) The auction ends at NOON (central standard time) on February 14, 2011. If there are multiple high bids when I put an end to the auction, I may decide to let there be multiple winners. I'm wishy-washy that way. ~g~
3) The highest bid(s) at the end of the auction will be declared the winner. They will then go to Sanctuary for Kids and make their donation in the amount of the winning bid.
4) Send me the confirmation of your donation.

After that's done, we'll sort out the details in email. You can name a person, a place or an object. If you choose your own name, I promise to do my best to not kill you off or make you an evil demon (unless that's what you want, of course. I'd be more than happy to have Riley investigate your murder or kick your ass). But you can decide if you want your character to have scenes with Priest, or if you want to just be a normal person in Riley's city. I'll do my best to make it work for you.

If you don't have an LJ account, just comment anonymously and identify yourself in the comment so you can get credit for the bid.

Ready, set, bid!

The auction is over! Many thanks to matildaswan for bidding! :D

Riley Parra, Season One

It's now official! You can buy Riley Parra Season One on Amazon.com as a Kindle ebook! The actual ink and paper book is coming in paperback soon (expect another post then ;-D), but for now, your Kindles will be happy! If you've already read the Riley stories (which, I mean, you ARE here, aren't you? :D) leave me some reviews to draw in other victimsreaders! :D

Demons Are Real. Riley Parra Plans to Give Them Hell.

No Man's Land isn't the kind of place you go after dark, even if you have a badge. But Detective Riley Parra was born there, and she refuses to surrender it to the drug dealers, killers and criminals who have made it their home. The case of a body stuffed into a drainage pipe leads her to discover that there is far more at stake than she ever imagined.

Reeling from the knowledge that angels and demons are at war in her city, Riley finds herself thrust into the role of champion for Heaven. Determined to stop the demons and be more than just a pawn for the angels, Riley does the only thing she knows how to do: she fights.

Riley Parra Cover
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If you don't have a Kindle, or if you just hate Amazon, you can get it from Barnes & Noble.

You can also get it in all sorts of varieties at Smashwords, including sneak previews. :D

You may have noticed that Riley isn't being released by PD Publishing. It got snatched up by the brand-new Supposed Crimes company!

"Ride Along," a Riley Parra short story

This is a prequel to my series of Riley Parra stories. It takes place before the series begins, but there are still spoilers to consider. Basically all you need to know going in is that Riley is a police detective and Zerachiel is Riley's guardian angel. For the sake of clarity, Zerachiel is referred to as "she" in this story despite, technically, being an "it" at this point.

Summary: Zerachiel follows Riley on a dangerous evening and is present for the post-evening wind-down.

Riley Parra: Ride Along
by Geonn
Copyright © 2010 Geonn Cannon
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"Maintenance," Caitlin Priest short story

Here's a little story to help welcome people into the community. It's great to see everyone here! Like the author's note says, this story takes place in Season One, sometime around Losing My Religion. It's technically a standalone, but you do need to know the basics of Caitlin Priest and who she is so the story will make sense to you. Once you've read No Use Crying you should be good to go.

Disclaimer: Characters and situations are all from my imagination.
Author's Note: This is set during the first season of Riley Parra stories.
Summary: Priest discovers a way to take the edge off. (1,883 words)

Caitlin Priest: Maintenance
by Geonn
Copyright © 2010 Geonn Cannon
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Welcome to the Riley Parra community!

Hey, everyone! I decided as big as Riley seemed to be getting, she deserved her own little home on the internet. So here it is! I think everyone has posting access, so all you people can feel free to post about stories and characters (with spoiler-cuts, of course! Not everyone knows what happens in Season 2) if you so desire. And if anyone wants to try writing fic, I'm not going to stop you. ;-D There will be a lot of news here, so let me start with two big things:

* This community will soon be host to an auction. The winner will get a chance to name a character (or place or thing) in Season 3, and the proceeds will go to Sanctuary for Kids. Keep your eyes peeled!
* The first season of Riley will have new life in book-form! If anyone wants to provide blurbs for the back of the book/inside front pages, please leave them here with how you want to be credited for the quote. Thanks!

Season Three is in the planning stages. I promise, the wait won't be too long!

Riley Parra Season 2

Season Two is now available once more as an ebook! You can get it right now at Amazon for your PADD Kindle. Sorry. Thought it was Star Trek for a second there. And soon it'll be out in paperback! Thank you for your patience and enjoy! :D

2.03 THE SOUND OF DRUMS (part one of two)
2.04 THE SAINTS AND ALL THE MARTYRS (part two of two)
2.06 NIGHT FALLS (part one of two)
2.07 DAY BREAKS (part two of two)

Riley Parra Season One

1.01 BETTER ANGELS - Detective Riley Parra is living a hard life, jumping from bed to bed and drinking to try and quiet the nightmares of the night she nearly died. When she’s called to a strange crime scene in the city’s No Man’s Land, she finds herself dragged into a deeper mystery about her destiny, and exactly why her life was spared.

1.02 NO USE CRYING - Riley investigates the murders of two men found on the elevated train and meets her new partner; Marchosias makes his presence known.

1.03 SHADES OF GRAY - Shortly after No Use Crying, Riley and Priest investigate a home invasion gone very wrong, but Riley soon finds reasons to dig deeper.

1.04 LOSING MY RELIGION - Following Marchosias' threat, a demon attacks Gillian in the morgue. Riley goes after Marchosias' lieutenants in retaliation and finds herself in way over her head.

1.05 ALL MORTAL FLESH - Priest recuperates in a church and converses with an archangel following the events of Losing My Religion.

1.06 ANGELS WOULD FALL - Lieutenant Hathaway is shot on the steps of the police station and Riley spends hours interrogating the shooter. Unfortunately, she ends up under the microscope herself.

1.07 BEAUTIFUL NIGHT - A cabdriver ventures into No Man's Lands in the dead of night.

1.08 THE MARTYR - Former US Army Captain Kenzie Crowe, now a private investigator, returns from serving overseas and asks for Riley's help with a case. Riley's antagonistic past with Kenzie, including a series of ill-advised drunken liasions, tests her dedication to Gillian.

1.09 HEAVEN IS OVERRATED - Gillian reaches out to Riley.

1.10 MY EMPIRE OF DIRT - Riley is invited to the home of a demon named Andras and given the chance to work as her personal security force. Andras wants to give Riley a choice: work for the angels, work for the demons, or be free of the entire mess and life in safety with Gillian.

1.11 THE LIFE OF RILEY - Riley is cut off from everyone she cares about and lured into a trap. Tortured by someone she thought was long dead, Riley will either be accepted by the angels as their champion or be killed by them.